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Hey - howsitgoin'? 

I'm Sarah, the lady behind the lens. 




Here in Florida, I like to keep it pretty chill (oh, the irony..)

Apart from photography, I consider myself a pretty tenured musician and all-around crafty kinda person. Musically, my tastes range from sparse movie soundtracks & Metal, and yes.. even Cardi B - and I’m not ashamed of it in the slightest!
If I’m not venturing off with my lil’ fam and being a Mamma, you can find me at home chugging coffee in my studio in front of an easel painting away!
Quick, witty, & “punny” sarcasm is like a second language for me.. Sometimes my inner diva will just come out of nowhere. (This helps a ton with people who tend to be a little stiff with photos!)

Thanks to my barista background, I’ve developed a not-so-subtle obsession with tea and handcrafted espresso beverages (coffee snob? mayyybe..) Most importantly, in the end I’m a fan of recognizing the good in others and accepting all walks of life – that just makes what I do for a living so much better!



The ones that keep me going...


my daughter Anabelle

She's a spunky little booger with long locks of gold, who is just as crazy and heartfelt as I am. She loves to dance and sing her little lungs out! She literally has a song for everything.


my doggo Otis

I own a pupper that will melt your eyes out. His name is Otis, the German Pinscher.



If you have any pets I highly encourage including them because lets face it, who doesn't love their animals this much? It could be anything! Dogs, horses, piggies, chickens, lizards, snakes, and yes, even your cat.


 BTW Im a big family person

 (its huge and we are EVERYWHERE) So if you have a wedding being held in another state there's a big chance family members are living near there. I love coming together with them for large family gatherings and get-togethers, and having a good 'ol time.


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