So I have put a lot of thought into this, a lot of heart too...

This was the first wedding I ever shot.

I figured this would make a great addition to the blog. :)
I've re-vamped the editing style of course and applied my newer style the best I could!

This wedding was shot Solo with a Rebel t4i and a 50mm lens and a mounted flash only. (because that's all I had at the time lol) Nonetheless, the photos, in my opinion, came out pretty damn good! Maybe a few soft focus shots here and there but I was still figuring things out and didn't have the same photo knowledge that I do today. Danielle and I go back to high school where we shared an AP art class together. Two years after graduating, she approached me to shoot her wedding and it kick-started a passion that I still continue to thrive with today.. 

Whats cool is that she also provided me the backstory of how they met! 

"When I was attending college at USF and in my 3rd year, the last thing I was thinking about was dating- I was working, attending school full time and having the time of my life with my friends. 

I worked at a Jersey Mike's Subs with my husband's older brother who had just moved from NY to start a new life in Tampa. Shortly after, my husband Mike had moved to Tampa and got a job right next door to mine working at Pinch A Penny Pools. All of my coworkers would hang out on weekend nights like college kids usually do, and Mike came along with his brother John to a get together at my friend Kirsti's house. We met and hit it off, but I was convinced that this raw NY boy from an ENTIRELY different background from me just wasn't the right fit for me or someone I cared to dedicate my time to. After all, I was still in school and had other priorities.

Mike continuously tried to keep in touch with me, stop by my job to act like he was getting drinks, ordering food, when really he was trying to talk to me. I would ignore his texts and on the occasion I did respond it was minimal to show no interest. 

I went to visit my mom in Pennsylvania because at the time she had lived there. Regardless of Mike's brother and friends telling him he had no shot with me and to give up, he decided to send me flowers "from a friend to another". I then convinced myself that I owed him a date for that sweet gesture and it's all a blur from there because we realized that "opposites attract" was the definition of us. As I went to school and he worked his job, he became motivated to go to school himself and pursued the medical field. He proposed to me at his older brother's wedding- they set it up so that I would catch the flowers from the bride meaning I was next in line to find a man, and next thing you know he is grabbing the dj's microphone and kneeling on one knee saying it wasnt a mistake I caught the flowers- he asked for me to marry him. 

Although we are different we have an outgoing personality in common and we balance each other out. We saved for the wedding entirely ourselves, and almost all decorations and table settings were hand crafted by yours truly being the creative person and perfectionist I am. We had things we loved there like craft beer in wheelbarrows to match the fall season and the cake was even pumpkin with a bourbon cream icing! " 


Vendor links:

Tampa Bay Lighting ( did all string lights )
Davis Island Garden Club (Venue)
Date of wedding was 10/30/2016, day before Halloween
Cake was a place here in tampa called Moreno's Bakery


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