MAN OH MAN The hype is real with this one, definitely up there as one of my all time favorite engagement sessions to date!
Bri & Emilee are two people who I will cherish for a long time. Literally everything about this session was completely jaw dropping! Including the gorgeous scenery of Lake louisa. It did rain a little bit (you’ll see when lmao) but that didn’t stop us from taking some gorgeous photos! Especially after traveling all this way <3 we MAKE IT WORK!
Whats even better that this was something I’ve never witnessed, where the other half proposed BACK to her IN THE WATER.. We had to plan this out down to a T. Her handing me the ring and keeping it in my pocket the entire time then also somehow finding a way to hand it back to her sneakily when we were in the water lol. Scroll though this gallery to see how it all pans out <3
Btw These two Gorgeous babes are going to be tying the knot in 2020 and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!