Sunny & Frank were two radical artsy people with those easy-going vibes.. Their wedding was nothing short of AMAZING!! Sunny’s drop dead gorgeous dress from Morilee by Madline Gardner was a real stunner :) -Especially in person!!

Here’s how they met:

”In a sea of more than eight million people we found each other and fell in love in New York City. Like any proper love story, our love bloomed during the early spring and we were engaged by the following Valentine's Day. That's right, we're not messing around.

Though it would seem that we hail from completely different worlds, our paths were more alike than to be expected. Frank grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, but his early days were spent roaming the wild northern forests of Hälsingland. Meanwhile, Sunny was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida and spent her first few years living out west of town, on Blue Cypress Lake (read - the swamps). So, not such different beginnings after all. 

Growing up, we both loved exploring quirky and creative ideas. As we grew older, Sunny moved on to study visual journalism at the University of Miami, while Frank made the leap to study art direction at Miami Ad School. However, our paths did not cross quite yet. The stars were still being aligned to bring us together when the time was right. After we both eventually moved to NYC, we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, and it was like all the pieces finally fell into place, and so did we - we fell in love!”

Venue | The Pineapple Lake house, Vero beach, FL
Dress | Morilee by Madeline Gardner
Florist | Chaney’s Flowers
Jewelry | Catbird, Brooklyn NY; Doyle & Doyle; Quiet storms
Cake | The Cake lady
Catering | Wild Thyme Catering

Thier wedding Was also Graciously featured on Zola as well!