Holeyyyyy SMOKES YALL.
This wedding is pure GOALS lol.
If you enjoy the nerdy Starwars & Startrek vibes, this wedding is going to be total eye-candy for you!
But beyond that I couldn’t help but gawk at every corner, detail, and emotion of this wedding. So many nooks, crannies & sentiments.
During the getting ready portion of the day..Instead of champagne flutes and girly things: I whipped out a stack of comic books for us to have a ball with- this took place on ‘national comic book day’ afterall. ;)

The Ceremony and Reception took place indoors inside the Orlando science center, a super unique science museum PERFECT for their vision. During the ceremony, they did a “ring warming” with Lego lord of the rings characters Frodo & Sam who traveled far and wide with the rings in clutch through the hands of guests.
The bride’s vintage aesthetic was a Silver tea length gown (Loulou) with shoes and Tiffany & co. glasses to match! <3
One of many memorable things that went on was the groom had custom cuff links handmade by the bride with his grandparents photos embedded into them. This really struck me hard in the feels going back through the photos while editing… I lost my own grandfather not too long ago and you can literally feel the emotions taking place..
Everything was literally PERFECTION.