Let me start off by saying this session was absolutely breathtaking.

    This session has soul.. and you can feel it as if you were actually there.


   Its not an everyday occurrence that one gets to travel hundreds of miles from home just to shoot an engagement session. This one in particular was worth every single mile...

I've Known Annie and Mallory for quite some time and when we all first met 5 years ago working for Olive Garden, I honestly am so happy they have decided to make what they have their forever journey. 

I cant wait to be there to capture the moment they tie the knot!

 We ventured to Historic Downtown St Augustine In the pouring rain and then by the time we arrived the dark and gloomy clouds cleared up! Everything worked out perfectly!! We explored every corner downtown and even inside the college (holy crap wait till you see those). 

I've added a song that has seriously been playing over an over in my head that just matches with the feel of this entire session.. I highly encourage you to take a listen while scrolling though the photos. ( I reccomend starting it at 1:46 )